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Are you ready to reclaim the life that lights you up?  This is the transformation you have been seeking.

We would work well together if…

  • You’re ready to understand your health beyond a physical level.
  • You want to work with someone who understands all aspects of your health from this wholeness.
  • You want someone who works with a diverse background of knowledge and wisdom in healing for Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • You’re tired of piecing together natural health therapies to find the right balance.
  • You don’t want to just suppress symptoms – you want to get to the bottom of not only what is making you sick but what is holding you back in life.
  • You’re tired of trying the next new thing that someone has to help you.
  • You’re ready to uncover the health that is your body’s inherent knowledge.
  • You’re ready to be your own advocate for your health.
  • You want to learn how to take care of yourself when life throws you a challenge.

In today’s world, you cannot afford not to make an investment in your health. And why would you wait to manage disease or outrun a life-threatening illness? You wouldn’t dream of going 10, 20 or 50 years without cleaning and maintaining your house or car, would you?

Healing is a process that requires every part of you. Your body may be the easiest to be aware of, but your mind and spirit require the same attention. If you are unaware of your thoughts or the energy centers in your body, how would you know if they are promoting health or disease?

Healing is also a process that requires your time. It is not a box to check after you do a seven day cleanse. It’s something you commit to as a way of living. Research has shown that emotional trauma can be found in the DNA up to seven generations into a family line, so you come into this world with healing to do! And then life adds layers. This doesn’t happen overnight and neither does healing.

I have seen a night and day difference between clients who come to see me a couple times per year to work with me on a purely physical level, and those who are committed to consistent work on the deeper levels of mind and spirit. There is real transformation in the health of those who choose the deeper work. This is why I suggest you make a commitment to work with me for a minimum of 3 months. This gives you the support you need to make necessary shifts and really start experiencing a “peeling of layers” that happens when you begin this journey.


As my client, you will receive a welcome package and a personalized suggestion plan to help you start feeling better right away!


Using Iridology, Sclerology, and Muscle response testing I see where your body most needs support physically, and create that personalized suggestion plan just for you.


I help you uncover where limiting beliefs are holding you back and causing struggle in your life including illness in the body. Unlike counseling, this work reveals what is under your life story and empowers you to choose a new path.


You are electrical all the way down to your cells.  A large part of your health is found in the health of your electromagnetic field.  We have known this for thousands of years with accupuncture.  In today’s world our energy fields are very affected by the many wireless systems around us and we just cannot ignore this part of our health.


Sit down with me to see if we would be a good fit and get your questions about this work answered!

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or $375/month

You understand the importance of diet and realize that you may even benefit from some supplements to help rebalance your body and reconnect with your vitality. You also know how emotions can alter the way you feel. Yet you’re not sure about your body’s energy system and how it can help you feel more balanced and healthy. This 3-month plan is perfect to help you get off to a great start and help you experience this part of yourself you may not even be aware of.


  • 60-minute sessions (one of each) Body, Mind & Spirit

MONTHS 2 – 3

  • One (1) 90-minute holistic dialogue session
  • Two (2) 60-minute energy sessions
  • One (1) 60-minute re-evaluation of body
Purchase 3-Month Plan – Full
Purchase 3-Month Plan – Monthly


or $350/month

You’ve gotten great results with diet changes and supplements. You have scratched the surface of deeper healing with some sort of talk therapy. You may even have experienced how great an energy therapy can make you feel. But if you don’t keep that perfect diet or take those supplements you see symptoms of dis-ease return in your body. You find it is far too easy to get off track with your health and many times you find yourself stressed or triggered by old lingering wounds and patterns. You are ready to see deeper, more sustained health.


  • 60-minute sessions (one of each) Body, Mind & Spirit

MONTHS 2 – 6

  • Four (4) 90-minute holistic dialogue sessions
  • Five (5) 60-minute energy sessions
  • One (1) 60-minute re-evaluation of body
Purchase 6-Month Plan – Full
Purchase 6-Month Plan – Monthly


or $350/month

You’re ready to own your healing. You’re seeking a health that radiates from within that can’t be taken off course even in the midst of life’s circumstances. You’re ready to clear old wounds and step into a more empowered version of yourself. You want to know for yourself how to move through life with the intention for wholeness and prevention and be able to share this knowledge with your family and friends.


  • 60-minute sessions (one of each) Body, Mind & Spirit

MONTHS 2 – 12

  • Five (5) 90-minute holistic dialogue sessions
  • Eleven (11) 60-minute energy sessions
  • Two (2) 60-minute re-evaluation of body
  • Three (3) phone sessions for emergent care
Purchase 12-Month Plan – Full
Purchase 12-Month Plan – Monthly

My Personal Commitment to You

When you make this level of commitment to your health and to working with me, you will receive personalized correspondence with me up to 3 times during the year for any small emergency, cold, flu, etc.

Because you are working with me so closely, you will have access to learning many self-balancing techniques and have the personalized care to realize when you need to implement them. Over this year you will learn how to take care of yourself when you’re out of balance so that moving forward in life you will be your own best advocate and reclaim that intuition that will help you navigate through life.

Looking for care for your whole family? Contact me for a personalized plan that fits your needs.