“I am ecstatic about the care I have received from Sarah Mokma. I tell everyone my story because it amazes me still. About a year ago was the first time we met, and I had been dealing with IBS for years, and it was worsening. At 34 years of age, I felt my life was already being limited and had daily anxiety over my issues. The most important part of our first meeting was that, for the first time, I felt HOPE that I would one day be free from this and it would be a part of my past. I am happy to say that within 2 days of implementing the ‘plan’ given to me, my IBS symptoms were gone, and my body has continued the process of healing from the inside out since.

I have my life back, and I don’t say that lightly.”

– Kara
“Sarah Mokma is a gem!

She has a unique ability to get right to the root of issues and very quickly. I am continuously impressed by the vast arsenal of techniques and treatments about which she has extensive knowledge. She is both intelligent as well as intuitive which is a very special and helpful combination. When I first came to see Sarah, I was very sick with many different health issues, including allergies so out of control that I couldn’t even live in my home anymore. Sarah has helped me so much and I have experienced a great deal of deep healing with her guidance. Sarah really does it all – help with healing on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels. I am so very grateful for all that she has shared and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking excellent alternative health assistance.”


“Over the last five years I have often utilized Sarah’s expertise for my children and myself. She is a great listener and an excellent practitioner. When conventional medicine failed to give us answers, natural medicine and Sarah’s understanding and application of it has helped my family immensely on their path to health and wellness.

Sarah takes into account the whole person and works not just on physical wellness, but mental and emotional wellness as well.”


“Sarah has quite literally changed my life for the better. I started seeing her a few years ago because of adrenal fatigue and a general desire to become well holistically speaking.

Her care and genuine desire to help is amazing.

Today I feel more like the woman I was made to be and her help has a great deal to do with that. I go to her for all my needs and recommend her to all of my friends who then do the same.”


“Sarah Mokma is passionate about alternative and holistic health care and helping people! Sarah guides us in improving our family’s overall immunity, digestion, and emotional health. Sarah has taught me a lot about the importance of what I put in and on our bodies, and about environmental impacts on our health. We have seen Sarah about issues that felt overwhelming, hopeless, or messy.

Sarah compassionately searched for root causes and gave us manageable solutions. She has always been sensitive to what we can handle at a given time.

We’ve been blown away with how easy, simple, and quick some solutions are. Other solutions have required more of a commitment but ultimately resulted in healing or remarkable improvement in issues that were frustratingly unresolved with traditional methods. My husband and I, and our three children, have benefited tremendously from choosing to follow Sarah’s professional recommendations.”


“Because of Sarah’s help I have experienced relief from IBS and Interstitial Cystitis. She identified foods I should stay away from and also desensitized my system of some of the problem foods. She’s professional, knowledgeable and intuitive.

She has a gentle spirit and genuinely cares.

I found her to be available and always respond promptly.I highly recommend her.”