Creating intimacy with a

healing touch

There is nothing like a good foot rub to create intimacy.  

And when you combine a good foot rub with a little focus on the reflex areas you will get more than just a good foot rub.  

This is because there are 7,200 nerve endings on each foot which is why it is so calming and nurturing.  Not only does it help release tension and stress, it also gently impacts all your organs, glands, and tissues because every area corresponds to every organ and area of the entire body.

Pretty incredible, we know.

Paying attention to these specific reflexes (maybe paired with some essential oils) you will surely stimulate some physical responses with your partner.

Some points to focus on for libido all while you’re creating intimacy:

The pituitary (in the middle of big toe) is the master gland and controls hormone secretion. Get those love hormones flowing.

The hypothalamus (outside your big toe) signals to the ovaries/testes to produce estrogen/testosterone.

Your adrenal glands,(near inner edge of foot at center of the sole) help increase your overall energy.

The spine (the whole inner edge of the foot) will increase flexibility and relax the nervous system.

The uterine/prostate points (inside of the ankles) can increase circulation and support the male and female orgasm.

The Solar Plexus (under ball of foot at center) relaxes and release anxiety.

Your brain (at the top of all 10 toes) heightens libido and stimulates imagination.

Using gentle but firm pressure you can do a relaxing, all-over foot rub and then add in some of the points for areas you would like to give more attention.  Not only will you increase intimacy, you will also support the natural balance of the body’s systems!

Want a session for your own self-care and health but don’t have a willing partner?  

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