get back to the you

that you
know and love.

There are hundreds of natural modalities to revolutionize your unique and total self. But true expertise is necessary for true transformation. Sarah is here to guide you.

i see you

We would work well together if you…

  • desire to work with someone who understands all aspects of your health from its wholeness
  • are done suppressing symptoms and want to get to the bottom of why things feel off
  • are ready to understand your health beyond a physical level
  • have crippling doubt and fear
  • need expert guidance for your specific health needs
  • need someone you can trust to mentor and inspire you

free consult

If you feel stuck, if you need answers, and if you want to make significant changes in your health, Sarah is ready to listen and help. This is your time to get any of your questions answered.

  • Learn about Sarah’s diagnostic tools
  • Get a sense of what to expect from the program
  • Ask any questions


20-minute consult


per month

rebalancing the body

something has to change

  • Three-month plan
  • Two-hour initial consultation
  • Customized suggestion plan
  • Personalized care plan with consideration for specific needs of your body, mind and spirit
  • Two 90-minute appointments each month

health overhaul

  • Six-month plan
  • All of the above program with more time to peel back the layers and really get to the root cause of health issues so that you can start to own your health
  • Learn methods of sustaining your care plan
  • Two 90-minute appointments each month


per month

custom guidance

for going beyond


per month

significant changes

to your health & life

total revitalization

  • 12-month plan
  • Eliminate physical symptoms
  • Learn ways to have sustained health
  • Move forward in all areas of your life
  • Understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Clear old wounds and programming
  • Two 90-minute appointments each month

online courses

  • Coming soon

coming soon

exclusive online courses

what my
clients say

"She identified foods I should stay away from and also desensitized my system of some of the problem foods. She’s professional, knowledgeable and intuitive."
"Her caring attitude and expertise cannot be surpassed!"
"Sarah is awesome. She has been such a huge help to my family on the path to health and wellness."
"Sarah has helped me heal physically, emotionally and mentally in amazing ways. I trust her implicitly."
"Sarah knows her stuff! I fully trust in her expertise and naturopathic care! Look no further for a great naturopathic practitioner!"