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breast health

Give — receive

…Really, I have nothing against your list.  I like lists.  There have even been points in my life where I wrote “shower” and “mail” on my list because I needed to see where all my time was going at home all day with small children!  Now I depend on my lists to keep everything running smoothly. 

I’m just saying, typically, your list is a sign of all you’re giving to your life and those in it.  Right?  Grocery shopping, laundry, kid’s sports, work, cooking, support for a friend, and on and on. 

In January I opened a new healing center.  In March I helped form a non-profit.  In August I moved my daughter to college.  Lists have gotten me through this year and helped me step into a place where I have been able to grow and accomplish!  AND they have been all about my giving to these new ventures.

I thought I was doing pretty well managing all my giving and still taking care of myself well. Then (like most times is the case when I fail to see something about myself) I started to see a theme in my clients.  I had several clients all of the sudden that had been giving and giving but not taking the time to receive.  It quickly hit me that I wasn’t either!!! 

In fact, it took a painful rash that no remedy I had could touch!  I tried for several weeks to figure out what I was missing with this rash and what my body was trying to “say” to me that it had to speak so loud with a rash.  For weeks I only found minor relief.  I knew all sorts of ways to support my body physically but I knew I was missing the point of this “message”.  (P.S. it’s sometimes hard to figure out your own issues!)

Dr. Christiane Northrup says, "If you don't heed the messages from your body the first time they're delivered, you'll get hit with a bigger hammer the next time. A delay or denial requires your body to speak louder and louder to get your attention. The purpose of emotions (and physical symptoms), regardless of what they are, is to help you feel and participate fully in your own life."

When I finally figured out that my rash was about me not being able to RECEIVE; it instantly started to go away.

you noticed this in your life?  Have you been giving and giving and not receiving?  Have you told yourself it is just for this season or month or until some big thing is finished? And then all of the sudden your body or your emotions or both speak up and you realize you’ve become imbalanced and maybe even exhausted, burned out or in pain?

The lesson I learned (painfully this time) is more than just about eating well, taking supplements,  and taking time for self-care; although that is an important part of it!  It is more than self-care. It is about truly being able to receive. 

To receive a compliment without deflecting it. 

To receive an invitation or award without feeling you have to earn it. 

To receive help without feeling guilty. 

To receive a natural break after an accomplishment is complete.

To receive even a difficult lesson that helps you grow or opens your heart.

To receive our emotions in any moment – joy, sadness, longing, fear, anger, gratitude (because they have a message from our soul).

Have your body or emotions been turning up the messages that it is time to receive in some way?  Do you need to open your heart to receiving so that you can live from a soul-centered place? 

Because until you can truly allow yourself to receive, all your efforts are just more on your list.

I just wrapped up a month about breast health.  Did you know that the emotional reasons for issues of many kinds in the breast tissue are all about a failure to nourish the self?  The breasts symbolize mothering, nurturing and nourishment.  Taking care of yourself is not just for your mental health it is for your physical health in big ways.  And a huge part of self-care when it comes to your breast health is being able to receive. 

It’s hard.  We give to our work, our families, to everything we feel called to do.  We may even have believed in the lie that it is somehow selfish to receive.  Think about it…do you believe this on some level?  It is time to balance this season of giving with some receiving

This is why I am re-opening my glow through the holidays offer

I have had such great response to this offer and seen the women who have been on the receiving end of this care truly start to glow because they are making the space and taking the time to balance their giving this season by receiving.  Here’s what it includes:

  • 60-minute Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy session to help you remain centered, digest well and encourage hormone balance.
  • 60-minute energy session to help you reduce stress and stay balanced physically and emotionally.
  • 30-minute therapy session in Luminosity’s therapy room to help you eliminate stress and boost immunity.
  • Customized flower essence blend for holiday sanity.
  • My cell salt cold and flu chart to help you navigate anything that comes up and to help keep you at your best.

There are a few spots still available for purchase through November 16. Once you purchase this offer, you can use these sessions between now and December 14, 2018.

$250 per person

Appointment Location:
Luminosity | 4843 Cascade Rd SE Suite #400, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

what my
clients say

"She identified foods I should stay away from and also desensitized my system of some of the problem foods. She’s professional, knowledgeable and intuitive."
"Her carrying attitude and expertise is surpassed! there's so many people with great testimonies you know to be true."
"Sarah is awesome. She has been such a huge help to my family on the path to health and wellness."
"Sarah has helped me heal physically, emotionally and mentally in amazing ways. I trust her implicitly."
"Dr. Mokma knows her stuff! I fully trust in her expertise and naturopathic care! Look no further for a great naturopathic practitioner!"