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I don’t need to throw a bunch of statistics at you about breast cancer to scare you into knowing the risks are real.  Or create any more fear about how rampant cancer has become in our society.

You’re seeing it everyday all around you.  You know someone who’s life has been affected by cancer.  You’ve seen billboards, campaigns, fundraisers, and stories of lives affected.  You’ve prayed for, cried for, and maybe even lost sleep for someone who is dealing with cancer.

Fear is never too far away when cancer is always in the back of your mind.

  • Fear comes rushing in when a lump, symptom, or unusual pain takes you right to thoughts of cancer.
  • Fear threatens to swallow you up when you think of your kids – no matter what age – figuring out life without you.
  • Fear breaks your heart with the possibility that you’ll miss out on the sweetness of life with those you love most.
  • Fear stops you in your tracks you when you think cancer could mean a fight and or death.

So many of my clients have confessed that they worry about cancer all the time

or simply think they will get it.

This is the world we are living in.  The risks are real, but the fear is even more so.  That is why instead of more statistics and fear, I’m empowering you with awareness for health.

I want to help you shift this fear.  No more looking for or waiting for disease.  No more feeling powerless.  No more worrying if you’re doing what you can.  Because your thoughts have more power than you have been taught and it is time that we all made this shift from fear to empowerment!

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But for today, here are a few ways to you can start shifting away from fear:

Get to know your fear.  The more you know and own your fear the less it can have power over you!  Does the fear stem from thinking cancer is in your genes?  Are you fearful because you know you smoked cigarettes or ate poorly or did a whole combination of things that you know now were very toxic?  Or are you just getting caught up in the numbers and you feel like you will inevitably be one of them?  Really dig deep and understand why you think the way you think about cancer.  Before you can own your healing you need to own your fear.  Write it down so you can see it.  Getting it on paper is the first step to getting it out of your head and shifting away from fear to empowerment!

Turn your fear into anger.  Yes, you read that right!  First you have to view anger as just another emotion that is neither good nor bad.  Stop judging it.  Anger on it’s own isn’t bad – it’s just a feeling.  It’s what you do with that anger, right?  I think fear is partly anger that is immobilized.  So what can you do with it when it turns to some righteous (and respectful) anger?  Can you allow the feeling of anger to motivate you to make changes?  The number of people getting cancer is a message that we need to change the way we are living. We need to be more aware of using pure products on and around our bodies.  We need cleaner food and water.  We need to view our lives differently to reduce stress and have better thought quality.  We need to look at how technology is causing new electromagnetic frequencies that are affecting our bodies negatively.  How am I doing?  I’m feeling it but you need to too.  It is not a quick fix.  It is a process.  A way of life.  So you may need to stir a little anger in yourself so that you can motivate change. 

Take compassion with you along the way.  Anger without compassion can get ugly and burn you out.  You need to have compassion for yourself and others as you’re making these changes.  No one is at the exact same place and we are all just doing the best we can.  It’s important to remember this for ourselves just as much as those around us.  Just don’t say it doesn’t matter or isolate one “substance” and say it doesn’t cause cancer.  If it’s toxic, it needs to change.

Be brave.  It takes courage to look at the many things that are contributing to cancer.  Pick one area like your body care products or your household cleaners or your food and do the best you can with making healthier choices.  Then talk about your changes.  There are so many people who still haven’t put the pieces together or are too overwhelmed to make the necessary changes.  Finally, don’t get too comfortable!  If you’re eating organic but still burning scented candles, using deodorant with aluminum, buying tampons with bleached, GMO cotton; find a better option!! (I will be making this easy for you at the Women’s Day next Sunday!)

Shift your thought quality. Remember that every thought you think creates an emotion and every emotion has a distinct biochemistry.  Negative thoughts have been shown to create chemicals in the body that cause inflammation at the cellular level and we know that inflammation is the root cause of most disease including cancer.  In fact, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer has found there are specific emotions related to each specific cancer.  But good news!  It has also been found that when 1% of a community and or population participates in positive, loving and empowering thoughts and activities; it reduces crime (an average of 16% in studies) and produces measurable improvements for in the quality of life for the whole population. This phenomenon is known as the Maharishi effect and has been studied under rigorous scientific methodology for decades now; yielding stunning results which defy human logic. And I would add, bringing much hope to shifting fears like cancer.

The changes you make do matter.  I know that prevention can feel like an invisible job.  It’s hard to see the effects of not absorbing estrogen because you ditched your plastic water bottle unless you’re working hard to reverse hormonal issues.  It might be hard to spend the extra money to buy organic tampons until you have heavy bleeding, growths or some other issue.  Prevention is much harder to quantify especially when there are so many factors in any given body to account for.  But in today’s world there are too many toxins for us to shrug our shoulders and not make these changes.  That’s why I’m making it easy for you next Sunday with:

  • toxins to look out for in common products
  • products that you can make a switch to confidently
  • simple daily detoxifying practices that help reduce your body’s toxic load
  • signs and symptoms and what they mean
  • the power of your thoughts and how to keep them positive

Empowering yourself with this knowledge is a huge shift in the right direction.  I hope you can join me!

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