My journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor began out of a desperation to find answers for my daughter beyond what Western Medicine could give us.

It was a long and many times confusing journey to find the truth. Many times I didn’t know who I could trust or where to learn more. I often felt alone and didn’t have support. After all, 17 years ago you didn’t have people on social media giving you information on food ingredients or warning you about EMFs. You couldn’t walk into a grocery store and buy kombucha. The people that were talking about health were not as visible and mainstream.

But the more I learned, the more I felt this fiery passion. Soon I realized I wanted everyone who would listen, to hear what I was learning. I was frustrated by the lack of knowledge we had for our health as an American in the 20th century. Once I saw that there was this whole world of wisdom and knowledge that gave answers to the root causes of disease; I wanted to offer this hope to everyone I saw that was suffering. I knew that this was life-changing information and that there had to be others who were seeking it too.

So I went back to school. From the moment I sat in that first class and heard TRUTH that was beyond all I had previously discovered; I knew I was in the right place. Every cell in my body was ecstatic and I was literally moved to tears! With each passing class I attended at the Naturopathic Institute, I discovered I was there for my own healing journey just as much as I was there to learn how to help others.

Still, I never could have imagined the transformation I would experience.

This four-year naturopathic program taught me how to help people with any health issue, but not just on a physical level. Yes, I learned all about using food as medicine, as well as herbs, homeopathics and essential oils to reset and balance the body. But I also learned first hand how our emotional life – even what we cannot remember – can be an obstacle to health. In those four years, I was given a wonderful understanding of the human body and the wisdom that is centuries old to help rebalance it. But I was also given the gift of healing on the mental, emotional and electromagnetic levels which brought a whole-life transformation. I graduated with an awareness of the wholeness that is true preventative medicine and a very fulfilling way to live this life.

That is why I do this work. I want that for you. I want to teach you how to have health on every level. I want to inspire you to take charge of your health. To care for your family in this way that used to be common knowledge. So that you find wholeness and model it to your family and friends. So this wholeness lights up your being and spreads this light into the world.

While natural health therapies are much more practiced today, I find so many people are still missing what’s at the core of their health issues or are still struggling to find what works for them.

So why work with me?

The world of natural health can be intimidating. You’re here because you already know that you need answers that get to the heart of the matter rather than put a band-aid on the symptoms. But there are a million therapies and supplements you could choose from and it can be overwhelming. You need someone who looks at the body as a whole and understands many modalities. Someone who can help you identify what will best support your body to do its job of healing.

I love working with people who are ready to commit to thriving instead of surviving. The world needs the best you. All of you. I’m not here to judge you. I’m not here to dictate what’s right or wrong, and I am definitely not here to have you depend on me. In fact, my number one priority is to teach and empower you. Trust that when working with me, you’ll always feel understood, supported and empowered.

What I know to be absolutely true is that this life is made up of things we can grasp, and things that we can’t. We are always evolving. Your truth is your truth for where you’re at right now at this moment. And my goal is to meet you in that place, so we can work together to help you live your best, fullest, happiest and healthiest life.