A Shift in Perspective

Have you settled in to 2019?
Have you decided what you really want out of this year? 
This is my 10th year practicing as a naturopath — I can hardly believe it!

As I was planning for this year and looking back over last year, I saw the massive lessons and growth one year gifted me (2018 was a little rough at times!).

Then I got an even bigger gift from a stranger. She gave me a glimpse of myself WAAY back! Back before I found Naturopathy. I suddenly realized just how much this amazing thing called Naturopathy has changed my entire life. I realized that (as all people who have been practicing anything for a while) I had forgotten what it was like before that.

Now I’m not talking about losing a few pounds, eating healthier, having clearer skin, better digestion, more energy or better mood. Yes, those all happened. I’m talking more about the radical changes that unless you knew me 18 years ago you wouldn’t know about.

Back then, I didn’t even know there was any other kind of medicine except Western medicine. If an ache, pain or illness came up I grabbed some Advil or cold medicine. If something else came up I went to my doctor.

Even what I consider to be “basic information” to me today, was not something I was aware of then.

I had no idea…

  • I didn’t need coffee to feel energized in the morning
  • Pooping should be equal to the amount of food taken in
  • Diet played a huge role in how I feel. I mean, yes I knew eating my vegetables was “good for me,” but had no grasp on why and just how much.
  • Periods shouldn’t be painful
  • Headaches, colds, aches and pains could be relieved with something other than medications
  • Beauty comes from WITHIN, not the right skincare
  • Even “genetic” issues could be avoided by taking care of my health

And I certainly had no idea that my mental and emotional state, my feelings and beliefs contributed to my health in such a big way.

Then I had a baby. And that baby had colic. And chronic ear infections. She cried for hours. Every night. She could never sleep more than 15 minutes at a time. She never wanted to be put down. She ate every 60 minutes and then threw up most of what she ate.

Even as a new mom, I knew something wasn’t right. I knew other babies that didn’t have these issues. I worked to find answers and ways to help her. I went through pediatricians until I found one that would help me get a referral for a PT. I changed our diet. I looked into chiropractic. I read, researched and studied. I was criticized, shamed, laughed at and doubted; but that just pushed me even more to find the answers I was seeking.

Finally, I found naturopathy and it opened a world of ways to help my daughter.

Since then, I just keep growing and changing. God bless my husband! (He didn’t want me to change!) This recent look back has me (and yes, finally my husband too) so thankful for the shifts Naturopathy has made in my life and the lives around me.

In fact, one of my daughter’s friends at graduation last year said to me, “Mrs. Mokma, thank you for showing me how to live this way. You know, to eat healthy, and know I can get relief from pain, anxiety and other things from all this natural stuff.”

These are the changes that made me want to share Naturopathy with more than just my family. This is the information that started a fire under my butt to get this information out to the world on a bigger scale. This is the knowledge that I believe needs to be common for everyone who is serious about living a healthy life.

As I move forward; looking to learn and change even more this year (say a prayer for my husband!), I want to share some of this fiery passion with you. I want to encourage you that no matter where you are and where you want to be radical change is possible!

This is how naturopathy can open doors in your life too:

Your body. I don’t want you to wonder about what a symptom means or think it is some random thing that is happening to you. I don’t want you freaking out that every symptom is Cancer ( you wouldn’t believe how many people tell me this!) I want you to understand that no symptom just comes up out of nowhere. It is all connected. This also means YOU have more control over your health than you once realized. I don’t want you waiting around to develop an issue; I want you to see the clues that could lead to an issue before they do. I want you to understand the importance of taking care of all of you. I want you to see symptoms as messengers that need listening to and make the necessary adjustments of more nutrients, detoxification, better thought quality, less stress, etc. Most of all, I don’t want you to see symptoms as just a part of “getting older” (they are really the body breaking down because of less nutrients and more toxins). You can slow this down!

Let me say it one more way. Every disease and symptom is some combination of: toxins, lack of nutrients, negative emotions, trauma and injury.

Your food. I want you to know it is your most basic form of medicine. With every bite you really are choosing health or disease. At the same time, I want to stress to you that stressing excessively about your food and if it is “good enough” is not healthy either. Bless that shit and move on!

Your skin and your environment. Toxins in our products and in our environment are real. They accumulate over time and have an impact – most of the time too slowly for people to take notice. You can only control what you’re using on and around your body, so make changes instead of making yourself a bubble. And if you’re noticing things like allergies, skin issues, digestive issues, hormone issues and vision changes; it may be time for a cleanse this spring!

Your thoughts and beliefs. You may not even be aware of your thoughts and beliefs, but they are the glasses you see your entire life through! Your emotions are constantly giving you clues about the quality of your thoughts and beliefs and how those thoughts and beliefs are working for you. Are they keeping you stuck in a job you hate? Are they keeping you from taking care of yourself in some way? Are they causing you to feel heavy, uninspired or anxious? Are they creating shame and guilt or are they creating more joy, love and peace in your life?

…that last one was a big one for me.

That’s why the biggest gifts I want to give to you are so much more than diet and supplements. That’s why I have broadened my skills over the last 10 years in this practice.

Because more than a healthy body…

  • I want you to have a new expectation of what is possible.

I have seen people work to get off their medications, erase years from their faces, get pregnant when they were told they couldn’t, and live more vibrant and empowered lives that they would not have imagined! Naturopathy doesn’t see a diagnosis in symptoms. It gives us the tools to see what the body is saying with these symptoms and gives hope where there otherwise may be very little. Because Naturopathy takes all the pieces of you and your life into account, (and how it is affecting your health) it offers healing for pain that is beyond the physical body. Looking at the root causes and all the contributing factors for a health issue is what makes the difference for so many “hopeless” conditions.

  • I want you to be a much more empowered person.

I don’t want you worrying about aging or waiting for something to go wrong with your health. I don’t want you to have fear pop up if a symptom does. I don’t want you to blindly follow advice from a doctor, dentist or friend. I have seen what the body is capable of and I know that many tools exist to help you. Not only does Naturopathy give you a clear picture of what’s going on in your body; it also gives you clear answers as to how to best support it – before and after a symptom shows up. Most of all, I want you to realize that you are in control of the choices you make and how you want to live.

  • I want to see you live a more awe-inspiring life.

I am constantly in awe of how amazing our bodies truly are and how they are wired for health. I see the interconnectedness of our body, mind and spirit as well as our connections with each other and everything on the planet. Life is so much more amazing than a daily routine and I want to share that with you!

  • I want you to see health and hope all around you in a world where many are hopeless.

I have seen how being aware of health at the level of my body has led to health of my mind and spirit too. This has had a ripple effect on my relationships; helping me learn from them and find more joy in them. My children have commented about the hope this way of living has given them in contrast to what they see around them. This is the story I want you to have too.

A few weekends ago, I attended a conference where the speaker named me from the stage as having helped her shift her perspective to make the changes in her life that set her on the course she is on now. Now she’s not only living her dream, she’s helping others live theirs, too.

What kind of change are you seeking this year?

Answers for nagging symptoms?
Freedom from anxiety?
Recovered passion for your life?
Healing old wounds that have been weighing you down?
Empowerment for living the life you dream?
Finding your way through a time of grief or massive change?

Not only have I studied all over the world to learn how to help you uncover the root of your health issues, I’ve done the healing work myself. I’ve distilled what has taken me 18 years to acquire so that I can help you find a more direct route to healing and growth. With my individualized programs and continued support, you will feel empowered to make the changes needed for your best life. I have 3, 6, and 12 month options that will help you find the results you’re looking for. This can be the year you look back on and say it changed your life,